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This is the log in for the password protected area of or for:
  • Students registered for a Level 1, 2 or Level 3 course
  • Level 4 Diploma online student
  • Level 4 Diploma in-class student registered for a feedback test
  • Level 4 Diploma Alumnus
  • An Approved Programme Provider (APP)

And if you are new to the Online Classroom and your Programme provider is WSET London School (300) you should have received an email with a username and temporary password issued after your registration.

Later courses/tests will use the same login details, so if you have previously taken a course with us, no new details will be issued.

If you need any help with your login details, please try and reset them using the Need help? link or visit our Contact us page and select the appropriate “Logging in” help option from the dropdown menu.

Creating new accounts in the Online Classroom is prohibited unless instructed to do so. Diploma students are not allowed to create their accounts under any circumstances.
These accounts won't give you access to the online resources automatically, these accounts are always empty. If you are unsure, please get in touch with your programme provider!